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In the Phoenix area, we provide the best service for smaller-scale Commercial Inspections (that is, we do not inspect skyscrapers!). AZ’s Premier Home Inspections, LLC works with a variety of clients such as building owners, property managers, leasing agents, lenders, and tenants. When making important decisions about a smaller-scale commercial property, there is no one better to have on your side!

Each commercial property has different characteristics, and therefore different inspection needs. Our commercial inspections are top-notch - we go the extra mile to assure our Commercial Inspections are thorough and accurate.

Some of the varieties of commercial inspection services offered include:
• Pre-Purchase—For commercial property buyers
• Pre-Lease and Post-Lease—For Landlords and Tenants
• Consulting
• Termite Inspections arranged— upon request
• Special Requests—Please contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements.

With over 22 years experience inspecting local commercial buildings, we outshine the competition!

The most common types of commercial properties we inspect include:
• Smaller-scale office buildings
• Restaurants
• Retail and convenience stores
• Warehouses
• Medical facilities
• Churches
• Aircraft Hangers

Keep in mind, hardly any property is in perfect condition. A building structure is a constant work in progress that requires maintenance and care to function properly. It is our job to help you by finding the structures weakest points, and providing you the opportunity to negotiate, correct, or walk away before those weakest points become worse. Our service protects you from costly and time-consuming headaches down the road.

If you are considering a smaller-scale commercial structure in the Phoenix area, protect your interests by contacting AZ’s Premier Home Inspections, LLC at 480-699-2004. We’ll schedule your Commercial Inspection right away!

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