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When do you need a home inspection, and what does a home inspector do? A home inspector examines a home’s physical structure and specific systems, and gives an objective evaluation of the state of the property. A home inspection should be thorough, from the foundation to the roof.

With over 22 years of home inspection experience in the Phoenix area, you know your home inspection is in good hands with AZ’s Premier Home Inspections, LLC, and Owner Bruce Bourne.

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Home Inspection Standards
Pool/Spa Inspection Standards

After the inspection, the home inspector will provide you with a complete report on the condition of the following:
• Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
• Plumbing System
• Electrical System
• Roof Coverings, Roof Structure, and Attics
• Visible Insulation
• Walls, Floors, and Ceilings
• Windows and Doors
• Foundation and Basement
• Other Applicable Features

Many people wonder if they are able to do their own home inspection. The fact is that even the most experienced homeowner is not usually properly qualified to evaluate their new home; the years of accumulated knowledge and insight of a professional Home Inspector guarantees the final report will be accurate and well documented. A professional Home Inspector knows how to determine the state of the home’s elements such as its type construction, whether or not systems have been properly installed, if the home has been maintained, and if the home is generally safe. Some systems function independently; others must work together. Without years of industry knowledge and field experience, it is unlikely an untrained eye could properly conduct an Inspection for a successful outcome.

Buying a home is stressful enough without the worry of pre-existing conditions and ongoing problems. With a professional Home Inspection you have the assurance of receiving an accurate, objective, professional third-party opinion.

Hiring a qualified Home Inspector is the best investment money can buy!

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