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For homebuyers, the amount of paperwork and associated "red tape" can be overwhelming. This can be especially true when buying a new home. Did you know that most new homes have a one-year standard warranty period? These builder warranties commonly protect against inferior workmanship and building materials. At the closing of your new home, the clock is ticking on your New Home us during the 11th month, before it's too late! With our New Home Warranty Inspection Report in hand, you'll have the documentation and confidence you need to take advantage of the Builders New Home Warranty Program.

Protecting you from unpleasant and potentially expensive situations down the road is the reason we offer New Home Warranty Inspections in the Phoenix area. There’s no greater disappointment than purchasing a new home, only to discover mistakes made by a builder, contractor, or sub-contractor.

There are many factors that affect a home. A change in the weather or a change in how it’s being used by its new occupants can suddenly, and literally, bring unpleasant surprises out of the woodwork!

A New Home Warranty Inspection will provide the homeowner with the following information:
Specifics List —This list is very important in properly filling out the
warranty forms, and claiming your rights under the terms of the Builders New Home Warranty Program
Health and Safety —Any correlating issues are identified
Recommendations —Deficiencies the home may have are prioritized, and summarized

Don’t let your "window of opportunity" to take advantage of your Builders New Home Warranty Program pass you by. Contact AZ’s Premier Home Inspections, LLC to schedule your New Home Warranty Inspection before it's too late!

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